Bringing the entrepreneurial mindset to North Dakota schools.

Join teachers from all subjects, schools, and backgrounds to learn about an exciting partnership with NDSU.

YE: Making Your Instruction Come Alive

Our Showcase Series brings together educators from around the country, experts in our program, and seasoned Youth Entrepreneurs pros for a quick look into how we transform the classroom. Set aside a short time to hear how Youth Entrepreneurs can empower your professional life, reignite your passion for teaching, and impact your students for years to come.

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What to Expect

Activity Demonstrations

with Peers

Learn about
New Tools

Key Takeaways

A community of peers

You’ll have instant access to a growing community of like-minded peer educators for questions, idea sessions, and community.

Proven results

Based on proven concepts, our program has been tested by university partners with amazing results.

Real-world SEL

Using social learning and student-led activities, we tackle SEL in a unique way that builds important soft skills.

Markets as a metaphor

A cornerstone concept of our program that is used to connect students to real-world experiences.

It's empowering

Our program offers flexibility, freedom, and empowers educators to deliver life-changing experiences for their students.

We support you

We support our educators with constantly evolving and easy-to-follow activities alongside the funding you need to help deploy them in your classroom.

NDSU Showcases

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Our Teachers

Like a Student Yourself
YE has helped to change me into a different teacher. And, coming to places like this is like a big, fun game, where you're just jumping in with each other, and you're learning new things almost as a student yourself.
Chad B
Cleveland, Ohio